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Where to Enjoy Your Energy Bites?

Our mission in Restart is not only to provide you with healthy snacks to nourish your body but also to give you the opportunity to have them anytime and anywhere. Our main ingredients are oats and peanut butter, and we have date based Energy Bites for those who don't like peanut butter. Simply, we've got something for everyone.

We've covered the nutritional benefits of our Energy Bites in our previous blog; let's now talk about where you can enjoy eating them.

1. Schools

In reality, most of our schools don't provide healthy snacks in the canteen, making it harder for parents to watch what their children eat. Restart Energy Bites will be the perfect choice for your kids to have a healthy treat during school hours, giving them a boost of energy for better learning.

2. Work

We know how difficult it is to eat healthy at work. Your colleague giving you some unhealthy snacks is unavoidable when you’re at work. Try putting a jar of your favorite Restart Energy Bites on your desk and see how you’ll manage your afternoon cravings.

3. Gym

For those who try to squeeze some gym time into their daily routine, pre-and post-workout foods can be just as important as other main meals. Athletes and bodybuilders usually struggle to find time to prepare for pre-and post-workout snacks. Bringing your Energy Bites jar to your gym will save you time, improve your workout performance and helps with muscle recovery.

4. Friends gathering

Let's be honest for a second, when you get together at one of your friend’s place, you usually snack on chocolate bars, chips, cookies, and so many more sweet and fatty snacks. Restart Energy Bites will fit perfectly into your snack table and you can try it with a cup of tea or coffee to get the most out of it.

5. Traveling

Every experienced traveler will tell a terrifying story about the time they were trapped in a plane for several hours with limited water and no snacks.

Packing Restart Energy Bites jar will help you resist the urge to grab something unhealthy at the airport. Avoiding overpriced airport food gives you more money to enjoy a nice dinner once you reach your destination.

If you're living a busy lifestyle, snacks can be handy when hunger strikes and you don't actually have the time to prepare a healthy snack.

Our energy bites are portable and easy to take anywhere; you can store them for up to one month if left in the refrigerator.

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