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Sugar the White Poison

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

We usually hear the term “ the white poison”, we are talking about added sugar. Added or refined sugar is the form of sugar that manufacturers add to their products to enhance the taste and extend the shelf life. Some examples are, sodas, artificial fruit drinks, baked goods, candies, and processed foods. These kind of foods contain empty calories, which mean high in energy but empty from beneficial nutrients.

Lets take a look on how added sugar can affect our health?

Can cause obesity

The consumption of too much refined sugar can cause resistance to the hormone “Leptin”, which regulates hunger. Leptin resistance leads to increased hunger; hence weight gain and obesity. Some studies showed that people who consumed sodas and sugary drinks gained more weight than people who didn’t.

Can cause diabetes

High sugar intake can cause “Diabesity”, which means diabetes and obesity. There is a huge link between obesity and diabetes, so the higher sugar you consume the higher the risk of diabetes type 2. One study showed that people who highly consumed sugary drinks (2 cans a day) had 26% risk of diabetes compared to people who didn’t consume as much.

Can cause heart disease

High sugar intake leads to obesity, high blood fats, high blood pressure, and inflammation, which can then lead to heart disease. One study showed that people who consumed high amount of sugars had 38% higher risk of dying from heart disease.

Can cause cancer

Too much sugar increases inflammation in the body, which can then lead to cancer. Studies have shown that high sugar consumption increases esophageal and intestine cancer.

Can cause early skin aging

The compounds “Advanced Glycation end Products” (AGEs) are formed when sugar and body protein react. These compounds can damage the collagen and elastin (skin protein), which can lead to wrinkles and skin aging.

You can substitute your added and refined sugar with naturally occurring sugars, like fruits, honey, maple syrup, vegetables, and dairy products.


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