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How to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is the process of converting calories from food into energy. We always hear people blame their metabolism for not losing weight. There are different ways to improve metabolism such as, physical activity, good night’s sleep, and certain foods and drinks. High rate of metabolism can help you lose weight easier and increase your energy and make you feel better.

Lets take a look on how to increase metabolism,

· Foods & drinks:

Protein: high protein foods can increase the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF), which means your body burns more calories to digest protein. Protein can boost your metabolism by 15-30% during mealtime; choose lean meats, dairy products, beans, nuts and seeds to increase your protein intake.

Spicy food: there is a natural chemical in peppers called “capsaicin”, this chemical can increase metabolism. A study found that eating peppers could burn around 10 calories per meal. You can chop green or red chili peppers and add it to your food, only if you can tolerate spicy foods.

Tea & coffee: Cathechins is a substance found in green tea, it helps increase the rate of metabolism up to 5% and can increase fat burn by 10-17%.

Caffeine in coffee can also increase metabolism by 3-11% and it can also increases fat burn by 29% in normal weight individuals and 10% in obese individuals.

· Resistance training:

Resistance training like weight lifting and using your bodies own weight increases metabolism hours after your training; this is because the more muscle you build the more calories you will burn. Your body burns about 6 calories to preserve 1 pound of muscle.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be effective in increasing metabolism; this includes a combination of high and low intensity exercises.

· Vitamin B complex:

Vitamin B can impact the rate of metabolism; examples of high Vitamin B foods, banana, peanut butter, orange juice, whole grains, baked potato, egg, peas, and spinach.

You always have a choice when it comes to changing your habits in terms of nutrition and exercise. Minor changes in your diet and your exercise routine can boost up your metabolism and help you shed some weight and make you feel energized.


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